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Venue Hire

Venue Hire

Woodsley Centre is very much suited as a venue for holding weddings, mehndi, birthday parties, educational workshops and social and business meetings. Please use the following menu to browse this section:
Wedding and party halls
Meeting rooms
Bereavement services
Payments & Deposits
Health & Safety

Wedding and party halls

Woodsley Community Centre features 2 impressive community halls. These both large halls are able to accommodate up to 300 people at once. These community halls are an excellent venue for holding large events, such as weddings, birthday parties, community events, group workshops and conferences.
These halls are well equipped with suitable seating arrangements and audio equipments.
Recently these halls have been used by elder associations, the Police, the NHS, Leeds Youth Services and many other voluntary organisations to hold their events.
£ Cost per hour: 9am – 6pm
Cost per hour: after 6pm & weekends
Hall 1 150 £25 £32
Hall 2 150 £25 £32
Cleaning charges: If you consume food at the premises during your bookings, cleaning charges would apply. Cleaning charge per hall is £30 (£60 for both halls)

Cost of hiring for Asian weddings

Asian weddings can be quite lengthy. Therefore, to reduce the cost of hiring and to help the families, Woodsley Centre charges a fixed price for wedding bookings.
The total cost of booking for a wedding is only £750 for 7 hours. The price includes cost of hiring the venue, cleaning charge and skip hire. Please note, all the catering is provided by the hirer himself.


A modern and well-equipped kitchen is available for hire at the centre. This kitchen is an essential part of community and commercial events, by providing an opportunity to prepare and serve food to the participants. This kitchen also has the facility to cook halal food as this is the only community centre in the local area that has the facility. The kitchen is equipped with gas cooker, microwave oven, sink, water boiler, washbasin and fridge dough maker and chapati maker.

For serving only – £ cost per hour
For cooking – £ cost per hour
Kitchen £10 £30
Cleaning charges: If you consume food at the premises during your bookings, cleaning charges would apply. Cleaning charge for kitchen is £15

Meeting rooms

Woodsley Centre has 3 meeting rooms. These rooms are suitable for general purpose meetings, classroom and workshop deliveries and IT training.

£ Cost per hour: 9am – 6pm
Cost per hour: after 6pm & weekends
Room 1 & 2 15 £10 £15

Bereavement services

Woodsley Centre can be hired to hold bereavement and memorial services. We are proud to announce that Woodsley Centre can be hired to hold Muslim funeral services free of charge. This is a great community service for the local Muslim population during the time of their grievances and loss of their loved ones.
The Woodsley Centre can also be hired to hold annual and regular Khatam shreef (memorial service).

£ Cost
Addition notes
Funeral service Free
Khatam shareef (memorial service)
£150 for 3 hours     Extra charges will apply if you go overtime.
Cleaning charges: It is the responsibility of the hirer to clean the premises after a Khatam. Otherwise cleaning charges for halls and kitchen would apply.

Extra charges

In most cases there will be no extra charges but you will have to pay for the following:
  • If you want earlier access to building or run over the booking time.
  • If there is any damage to the building or fire fighting equipment.
  • If the building has not been left in an acceptable condition a surcharge of per hour will be made for every hour it takes to clean. i.e. rubbish bags must be thrown into a skip and chairs are lined up against a wall together


Contact Woodsley Centre to ensure your booking date and time is available. You will be given a booking form which you must complete and return to Woodsley Centre by either hand or by post with your full payment. Once we receive your booking form, we can proceed with your booking. We will confirm with you if your booking has been successful. Once this process has been completed then advertising and organising of the event can go ahead. We advise not to send out invitations until you receive confirmation of the booking.

Plese email to enquire about the availability of your booking and to receive a copy of booking form.


For larger bookings, refundable deposit of £100 will be required at the time of booking. The deposit will be lost if you damage the equipment or the premises.
Payment by cheques should be made payable to Woodsley Road Community Centre.


It is hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant Health & Safety regulations are adhered to when using the facilities.
  • You must not exceed the maximum seating capacity in the hall (150 chairs) to comply with Fire Regulations.
  • All entrances, exits and corridors must be kept clear in the event of an evacuation.
  • For safety reasons calor gas cannot be brought into the building.


  • You may bring in you own food and catering.
  • We do not supply light kitchen equipment such as pots, pans, knives etc. Please bring your own.
  • Disposable tableware is not supplied. Please bring your own.
  • A charge will be made for any equipment, which is missing, or damaged.
  • All rubbish must be bagged and disposed of in the skips provided.
  • Food cannot be prepared overnight in the building.


Please note that under the local authority and licensing laws and the centre’s constitution, followings are prohibited at the premises:
  • No live music, DJ, dhol, banghra or dancing.
  • No consumption of alcohol or controlled drugs.
However, during weddings and parties, you can play music CDs through the centre's PA system.



Venue for Weddings and Mehndi

Woodsley Centre is well-suited as an Asian wedding and mehndi venue. Local Asian community uses Woodsley Centre to hold their mehndi and weddings. Woodsley Centre has 2 large halls that can accommodate up to 300 guests at a time. Its associated kitchen facilities can be used to prepare and serve food to the guests.

Kitchen facilities

A modern and well-equipped kitchen is available for hire at the centre. This kitchen is an essential part of community and commercial events, providing an opportunity to prepare and serve food to the participants.

Bereavement services

As a local venue, Woodsley Centre also serves as a first point of contact for the Muslim community in holding bereavement services, such as funeral service, Khatam shareef and Fatiha khani.


Woodsley Centre also has a purpose built mortuary to provide washing facilities for the deceased people for the Muslim community. It fulfils a dire need of the Muslim community to have a venue where deceased members of the Muslim faith can be washed according to Muslim faith and given a shroud appropriately.

Rooms available for hire

Woodsley Centre has rooms available that community can hire for their meetings and personal needs.

Printing facilities

Black & White A4 – £0.10
Colour A4 – £0.30


Black & White A4 – £0.10
Black & White A3 – £0.20


In UK – £0.80
In Europe & America – £1.50
Rest of the world – £2.00

Current Activities

Please contact the Woodsley Centre on 0113 244 26 84for a list of up to date activities.

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About Woodsley Community Centre

About us

Welcome to Woodsley Community Centre’s website. Woodsley Community Centre is located at the heart of one of Leeds most thriving multicultural areas – Hyde Park & Burley.
Woodsley Centre caters for local residents, many from diverse background through utilisation of different functions, such as weddings, birthday parties and funerals services. It also provides a venue for many local organisations and agencies through prior bookings for meetings and project deliveries. These include faith groups, the Youth Service, the study support groups, the elderly groups
The WRMCC provides a friendly ethnic backgrounds and faiths service to its users and has the policy of welcoming people from all walks of life. Woodsley Centre strongly believes in treating everyone who comes and uses the centre with respect and equality, regardless of their gender, colour, race, disability or religion. Woodsley Centre is proud of its services to the local community and is committed to continue providing enhanced-level of services to a wider community in the foreseeable future.
The Woodsley Road Multicultural Community Centre is fully accessible and used extensively by the local community and voluntary and statutory groups who run their activities from the centre.
We offer a range of dynamic services and groups, including
  • Advice support sessions
  • Opportunities for learners
  • Special bookings for weddings and parties
  • Leisure activities for you and your family and the community.
  • Voluntary groups & charities are offered training and support, information and practical advice wherever possible
  • Maintain a channel of communication with funders, policy makers and statutory bodies